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fter viewing the pictures above you may be wondering how some of those decorative film installations can be so precise and intricate. The answer is simple! We use a an advanced piece of equipment called a plotter. The video below will give you an idea of what this machine is capable of. This method is accurate down to one micrometer (one millionth of a meter)! This ensures that no matter what kind of decorative film design you desire, the final product will be a perfect match to whatever image or source you provide.


his video is a great example of the type of decorative film that is the most common among commercial businesses. This car dealership has a sleek frosted film design on most of the indoor glass. This obscure glass effect gives the employees more privacy in addition to the contemporary linear design provided by the decorative window film. As you can see, this dealership chose a simple design and wanted the design to be consistent throughout the entire building. Many would agree that the window decoration in the video is somewhat ordinary and doesn't bring out the WOW factor in the building. However, Accent By Masters has been doing this for more than 30 years and is capable of installing much more complex and intricate etched window film designs.


representative from IGS explains the basics of decorative window film and why frosted window film is the way to go. Not only is this type of window decoration cheaper than frosted glass, etched glass and sandblasted glass, but it is also more versatile. Not to mention that decorative film can be removed at any time if you suddenly become displeased with it's appearance. Forget about etched glass designs that are permanently engraved into the glass when you can get the exact same look and feel for a fraction of the cost! Check out some of our obscure glass designs on our FaceBook page!


ecurity film is one of the greatest innovations in the window film industry. This special type of window film is as thick as 100 sheets of normal window film and has outstanding protective properties. Besides possessing the UV and heat blocking features of regular window film, it is an added security layer and is great for any business or residence. Watch as these two thieves attempt to break and enter a business and are stopped short by 3M's security film. The window in the video is dual-paned and the security film is applied on the inside pane of the window. When the criminal throws a large rock into the window only the outside pane is shattered while the security film does it's job and keeps them from entering the building leaving them baffled by the "unbreakable window".


ere is a short informational video from 3M™ listing some of the benefits of protective window film. 3M is the industry leader in window applications with window film types including: decorative film, frosted film, security film, UV blocking film, light-deflecting film, and much more. Accent By Masters is a 3M certified dealer in the greater Phoenix area and has been servicing the valley for over 30 years! Find out more information or request a quote at AccentByMasters.com.